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San Diego Fair 2011 - page 2

The San Diego area is justifiably famous for its pegmatites, so it should be no surprise that the fair has as a competitive category: Five Pegmatites.  Here is one set of five.

Close-ups of the Ladhak Tourmaline and the Malawi Niobophyllite from the previous photo.

Another competitor for Five Pegmatites

A close-up of the Japanese Smoky on Albite & the Brazilian Kosnarite from the previous photo.

Of course, there is a competition for best San Diego Specimen.  Note the interesting localities.

One more for best San Diego County.

The competition for Self-Collected Mineral Specimen can be quite fierce.  Here are 2 of them...

...and here are 2 more for the Self-Collected Mineral Specimen category.

Self-Collected - wow!  Finding something like this would make my day!  How about you?

There's a category for 5 from one country.  These are Irish - have you ever seen an Irish Aqua?

Here are 5 beautiful and esoteric specimens from Russia.

Five specimens from minerally diverse USA.

Five from one country: China.

Finally, 5 stunning specimens from India.

A close-up from the five from India - the colors are magnificent!

Five from one state:  Faden Quartz, Calcite, Sphalerite, Galena and Zircon from Oklahoma!

Five from 1 state: Rhodochrosite, Barite, Sceptered Quartz, Topaz and Scheelite from Nevada.

Five from one mine: Tsumeb.

Five from one mine: Clay Center, Ohio.

Single Specimen, Worldwide is judged in Beginner, Advanced and Masters categories.

More entries for Single Specimen, Worldwide (Advanced).

Another entry for Single Specimen, Worldwide (Advanced).

Single Specimen, Worldwide (Advanced) is going to be a tough category to win!

Not that Single Specimen, Worldwide (Masters) is going to be any easier to win ...

... with these four interesting entries.

Here's a competitive exhibit with natural, polished & carved Rhodochrosite specimens.

Here comes 4 views of a case full of blue minerals.

Great rocks and great jewelry.

Most of the rocks are from Arizona, which incidentally will be the theme of Tucson 2012.

And if you missed the theme, it says "We Love Blue!"

Here's a close-up of the DOUBLE pseudomorph, Chrysocolla after Malachite after Azurite!

And another weird and wonderful pair of specimens.

Here's another mixed case with specimens and carvings.

The other side of the case above.

Here is a mixed case of Malachite in specimens, carvings and jewelry.

And here is the other side of the Malachite case.

A competitive case of Geodes and Nodules.

A close-up of the above Geodes & Nodules case.

A second close-up of the above Geodes & Nodules case.

Another competitive case of Geodes and Nodules.

Here are the only two entries for Single Nodule or Geode. The one on the left is a Teepee Agate from South Dakota.  The one on the right is a Natrolite Geode from former Czechoslovakia.

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