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The company that hooked me for good.


Over 1,000 photographs of specimens online.


A friend who also has a shop well worth visiting when you're in San Diego.


Miner's Kingdom is the web site of the Al Rose family.  Miner's Kingdom
offers collectors of all levels beautiful & unique treasures from the earth.


Owned & operated by Steve Hardinger, who brought us


I've added nice rocks from Broadstone to my own collection.


One of the largest selections of minerals on the net.



Many rocks from Marin Minerals live in my collection.


Beautiful worldwide specimens with an emphasis on Greek minerals.

Sources for Mineral Information


The web's most extensive mineral link portal, featuring over 900 categorized links
to mineral, fossil, gem, lapidary, club and related sites.  Your one-stop source for
updates and news about your favorite sites.


Issued six times a year, this is the most authoritative and widely respected collector's journal in the world.  No serious mineral collector should be without it.  If you don't already have a subscription, you should - if only for the pleasure of drooling over the photos!


The largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet.  This site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral localities and other mineralogical information.  It would take me 10 times as long to do my research without it!


For $20 a year you get 6 issues of the UV Waves, opportunities to go collecting, and a chance to talk to some real crazy glowhounds.


Take a tour of the Cryo-Genie Mine.


California Gem Mining:

Chronicle of a Comeback

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Awesome, hand-made, polymer clay Jewellery and Crafts




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