Kyoto, Japan

Cardiff, Nicolai & Russ attempt to lay out our futons at the Sparkling Dolphins Inn in Kyoto.  
When they finished, there was just enough room for the 5 of us to sleep in the room.

A block from Sparkling Dolphins is a toystore, which of course also carries appliances!  I thought the concept of these refrigerators was interesting - by allowing you to open just a portion of the whole, energy will be conserved.

We took Cardiff and Nicolai to the Golden Pavillion (Kinkaku-ji), an awesome sight.

Nicolai, Gaetan and Cardiff pose in front of the Kinkaku-ji.

This poster was at the Kinkaku-ji and everyone liked it so much, I took a photo.

The blue-and-white koi at the Kinkaku-ji reminded me of Chinese porcelin.

A red-and-white koi with a turtle friend.  They are begging for handouts.

Gorgeously tended gardens, green with the summer rains, and blue sky from our first truly sunny day of the trip.

A small shrine in the shade.

A bonsai and a statue on an island in a pond.

Temple woodwork - a dragon.

Temple woodwork - an elephant?

Sunset near the Sparkling Dolphins Inn.

Taking a walk at night, we spotted something that would probably give nightmares to our electrician friend Scott!

A canal in old Kyoto at night.

Sorry about the blurring, it was hard to hold still enough for the nighttime exposure.  But notice the suit-clad figures at the end of the street.  All sorts of interesting people frequent the old part of Kyoto at night; let's just say they are people you don't want to annoy.

A very good musician playing a very fine Martin guitar by the subway entrance.

Back to the old part of Kyoto the next day.  Further down the street ...

.. a Maiko (an apprentice Geisha) is having a professional photographer take her picture, probably for a portfolio.

He photographs her from all angles.  The white paint extends almost - but not all the way - to the nape of the neck.

Later, Russ and I were passed on the street by 3 Maiko walking together. We both felt strangely affected.
I was breathless and a little light-headed.  I think "dislocated" might describe it best.  It was awesome!




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