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Mont Saint-Hilaire is the largest of 10 plutons located in the St. Lawrence lowlands that are collectively known as the Monteregian Hills.  Currently, there are 383 valid minerals and 58 type localities that have been found at Mont Saint-Hilaire.

Quarrying at Mont Saint-Hilaire began in 1959.  In 1961, Uni-Mix Inc. opened the Desourdy Quarry.  Both of these were incorporated into the Demix Quarry in 1974.  All of the workings currently fall under the name Poudrette Quarry; the former Demix Quarry is now the western part of the Poudrette Quarry, so it is useful to retain the Demix locality, as it indicates a portion of the current Poudrette Quarry.

These specimens represent a portion of the suite of Mont Saint-Hilaire minerals assembled by long-time mineral collector Thomas Fitzpatrick, many having come to him from the Ron Waddell collection.  Mr. Waddell was renowned for his knowledge of the mineralogy of Mont Saint-Hilaire.


More new Mont St-Hilaire minerals coming soon.


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